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Martin Arkenstone - 530.362.4117   mailto: info@martinarkenstone.com
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Big Tree Of Life

70” x 44” x 8”   weight 3,300 lb 179cm x 112cm x 20cm  1500kg


This sculpture has been made of 12 individual pieces of sandstone. The material came from old pillars of a railway bridge from the late 1800s. Each stone block was shaped by hand. The blocks were then bonded together with stainless steel rods and stone glue into one big piece weighing about 3,600 lbs. (1600 kg). The Celtic Tree of Life was carved on the front side and the back side was smoothed out with a 5.5 inch flat chisel. Before painting and applying gold leaf, a layer of linseed oil-based primer was applied. Martin used 22k gold leaf and handmade oil paints to color the sculpture.