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Selected Architectural Works

1995  Peter und Paul Church, Leuggern, Switzerland: Restoration work on main facade and tower.

Left: Replacing a Rose window carved from four pieces of sandstone. Middle: a carved pinnacle copy replacing the old one. Right: Saint Peter and Paul Church today.

Museum Zofingen 2003

Left: the restored Museum in 2004. Middle: Replacing a 900 lb sandstone window stool. Right: Restored sea shell carving at the entrance.

2008  Wasen Fountain restoration in Laufenburg, Switzerland.

Restoration of a large fountain originally built in the 1600s. The fountain is constructed of twelve limestone sections for the main basin, a fountain tower and a small water trough.

Other projects Martin has worked on since 1986:    

1 City Gate of Aarau, Switzerland

2 Vogteischloss Baden, Switzerland

3 Pulver Tower Zofingen, Switzerland

4 Abbey Muri, Switzerland

5 Castle Wildegg, Switzerland

6 Saint Mathews Church Basel, Switzerland

7 Castle Lenzburg, Switzerland

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